Heart of Texas G-Gaugers

Do you need information on how to get started, how to handle a problem with your G gauge railroad? Are you in need of ideas, inspiration, or motivation?
Then consider joining the Heart of Texas G-Gaugers.

             The Heart of Texas G-Gaugers (formed in 1998) is an association of people with a common interest in G gauge railroading, regardless of scale. Our intent is to provide a forum in which people can meet with others who share an interest in G gauge railroading and exchange information and ideas. In addition we provide encouragement and support to those engaged in the endeavor of building a G gauge layout, be it garden variety or other. We have over twenty families in the club, which encompasses San Antonio to Lake Whitney and Bastrop to Fredericksburg with the majority of the members located in the Austin area. We meet monthly usually at member's homes or on occasion the meeting is held in conjunction with events. The dues are $25.00 annually per family. Membership runs from January to December. Families joining after July pay $12.50.
       Membership includes a subscription to The Dispatch
(the organization's newsletter) and a name badge.  If this sounds like a group in which you would like to participate please complete and submit the application form below  (or click here for contact info).

Download the Application form in a PDF file by clicking here!